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Welcome to Mui Ne Vietnam
One of the best kitesurfing locations discovered in Asia so far. This site has been set up by experienced Mui Ne Kitesurfers for those wanting to know more about the kitesurfing scene here in Mui Ne. is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT and is not connected to any kite school or hotel in Mui Ne Vietnam. We do not charge for the information given, so you can be sure to get unbiased news and updates. We are in Vietnam 365 days of the year and keep our fingers on the pulse of Mui Ne.
The wind was only really been discovered by kitesurfers about 15 years ago and the word is spreading rapidly. Mui Ne beach has safe kitesurfing learning conditions in the morning/early afternoon, building to something a little more challenging. This means that the location can cater for all kitesurfers, whether you're wanting to learn, have riding  experience already or you're a veteran to the sport, Mui Ne can offer something for everyone. Mui Ne has everything that you could wish for on your Kitesurfing adventure, nice hotels, great food, kite schools, kite shops, friendly people and all at price that is easy on the wallet. 

Mui Ne has a few different bays to kite from, all offering a little something different. Any kitesurfer who is still learning or feeling a little shaky then we advise you rip it up on Mui Ne Main Beach. Its has the safest learning conditions in Mui Ne and there are always plenty of people to help you should you need it. The other locations can get a little serious and you may not have a second chance if you crash your kite there.


Mui Ne offers the best conditions in all of Vietnam for wind/water sports and has an average of 227 days per year of wind over 12 knots. 


High Season:November through March (Dry Season) is the windiest. Dry Season ranges between 18-25+, with stronger wind gusts pushing up the knots. There may be the odd no wind day during this season but generally you will not be disappointed.


Yes Mui Ne does have waves, don't expect too much but if you're just looking to surf when you're not kiting then there are breaks to entertain you. Perfect for beginners and intermediates to have fun and improve on their style.

Long boards and Mini Mals or just something with a little extra volume will increase your wave count here. When larger systems build up get ready for something more serious.



20-25 degrees. The sea conditions in Mui Ne during no wind times are beautifully flat, getting choppy when the wind speed increases. When the swell picks up the shore break can be challenging for beginners.

Kite schools generally will cancel lessons if the shore break gets too large (less kiters on the water), but for most kitesurfers in Mui Ne this is where the fun really begins. 


Once you have decided to become a kite surfer there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Finding a good school with good instructors is a must, a little home work now will save you money and keep you safe. We can not stress enough the importance of safety in this sport, below you will find links to the top kitesurf schools here in Mui Ne. Please be aware that there are many unprofessional instructors on Mui Ne beach, don't risk your safety because they offer a cheaper price, stick with the recommended schools.


Visa on arrival: Please check to find a list of countries that are offered visas om arrival. 


E-visa: Submit an online application with payment, this will then be processed and then sent back to you with a confirmation letter. On arrival in Vietnam simply present this letter to immigration. For e-visa applications please click here

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