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Mui Ne Wind

High - Low Season

Mui Ne offers the best conditions in all of Vietnam for wind/water sports and has an average of 227 days per year of wind over 12 knots. 

High Season

November through March (Dry Season) is the windiest. Dry Season wind ranges between 18-25+, with stronger wind gusts pushing up the knots.  There may be no wind days during this season but generally you will not be disappointed.

Wind on the main beach is a North Easterly, cross on shore perfect direction not to get blown out to sea.

Recommended Kite sizes: 7m-12m

Low Season

April through to October. This is the more quieter time in Mui Ne, less tourists and cheaper prices. We still get acceptable wind but not as strong and not as predictable, there can be times of a week or two with no wind but generally there will be opportunity to ride, bring your larger kites.

Wind on the main beach is a South Easterly, cross on shore.

Recommended Kite sizes: 9m-14m 

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