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Surfing Mui Ne

The Best Surf Breaks In And Around Mui Ne
Photos care of 'Jibes SSS Competiton 2014'
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Yes, Mui Ne does have waves, don't expect too much but if you're not looking for the perfect set then there are waves to make you smile. Perfect for beginners and intermediates to catch a few and practice their style.

Long boards and Mini Mals are the preferred choice but we still get die hard shortboard riders when the swell gets big. Generally the waves in Mui Ne are generated by the local winds, but when larger systems are blowing far offshore get ready for something more serious.

High Season November-May

Great little sheltered break, generated by a sea wall which was recently built, little did they know it would build up a bay to create a nice wave. This generally is a left hander but there can be a little right if pick up further to the beach. Used from beginners to advanced riders, it's got it all going on. Surf boards can also be rented and lessons are also being given there but please do choose your instructor carefully. 


Large large beach, waves tend to be a little cleaner further down near the road. Little bit mushy but can get to a reasonable size, good in the morning before the wind kicks in. Lots of space so you shouldn't have to inflate your ego or deal with someone elses.


Suoi Nuoc, very similar to Malibu, but even less crowded. There is a nice beach club located on the beach here called 'Full Moon Village/Jibes Beach Club Suoi Nuoc). Here they have long and short boards for rent as well as other water sport equipment. They are happy for you to use their beach but maybe buy a drink or two to show a little beach etiquette. 

Low Season May-October
Main Beach
During this period surfing is also possible, but not as frequent. Swell can be found on the main beach in Mui Ne. Similar conditions apply, most of the swell is a local wind swell except for larger systems blowing far off shore which can generate a good sized break. Generally you will be surfing to the right during this season.


Malibu (Hon Rom), Very similar to high season waves but swell coming from the opposite direction, if there is a swell in the early morning then this is then best time to head to Malibu.

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