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Safety First Mui Ne

There is no excuse for being a danger to yourself and others!!!

Before you choose a kitesurfing school, here are some Key safety points you must be taught (please ask your instructor/school to cover all of the below) if you are unaware of any of the below then you are not safe to kite:



  • Be aware of certain weather conditions and environments that can pose a danger to kite surfers.

  • Know how to correctly and safely rig up the kitesurfing equipment.

  • Know how to use your safety equipment correctly for the type of kite you are flying.

  • Know how to launch and land the kite safely including all safety checks prior to launch and land. (You should know the difference between a safe launch/land area and a dangerous one)

  • Know how to pilot the kite in a controlled manner both in and out of the water.

  • Know how to self rescue (This needs to be learnt and practised in the water it could save your life) and re-launch. 

  • Know the Right of way rules/respect to other beach users.


Every year Mui Ne has more kite schools and kite surfers, still instructors are in demand as the love for this sport increases. With this increase in schools the student traffic in the bay has started to become a little crowded. This is not a problem as long as everyone kiting is fully educated and safety aware.

Please know that there may be unlicensed unqualified schools and instructors operating in Mui Ne, so for your own safety and the safety of other beach users please only use the licensed schools.

As with most services you get what you pay for, so when considering learning kitesurfing a potentially dangerous sport, spending a little extra cash to ensure your personal safety, is pure common sense.  The kitesurfing schools all offer different packages to suit your needs and are all roughly the same price.


As a beginner your first concern is safety. What we mean by that is firstly make sure that your kitesurfing instructor is iko qualified, check if full safety equipment will be used e.g: helmet, life vest. If you are still not comfortable with which school to trust or you don't have enough experience and your feeling a little overwhelmed, then you can always visit the forum to ask your questions (Kitesurfing Mui Ne Forum),  there is a public review section so you can read what previous students had to say about the kite schools we recommend as the safest and most professional. The forum is also a great place to buy or sell your kitesurfing equipment. There you will find a wealth of more specific information under the discussions section. If you still can't find an answer then please feel free to post your question on the forum and we will answer it personally.


A message for all:

Most schools are happy for kitesurfers to use their beach area, as long as this is done in a safe professional manner, using the correct procedures for kitesurfing.  Please ask before you kite on or near a kitesurfing schools beach, this will allow them to explain the do’s and do not's.

Please follow their guide lines and kite safe.

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