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Kite Beaches

Kite Beaches In And Around Mui Ne

Mui Ne has a few bays to kite from, all offering a little something different. Any kitesurfer who is still learning or feeling a little shaky then we advise you rip it up on Mui Ne Main Beach. Its has the safest learning conditions in Mui Ne and there are always plenty of people to help you should you need it. The other locations can get a little serious and you may not have a second chance if you crash your kite there.


Particularly dangerous and should only be kited by experienced riders. The Cemetery is very close to the Mui Ne head land and it is very rocky there, as well as a pretty punishing swell, which if you are not 100% will rip up your kite and leave you on the rocks.High season wind direction: Cross onshore (more onshore than cross).

Malibu (Hon Rom)

The main bay where the cemetery is located, exactly the same conditions except you can go further up the bay to stay away from the rocks, experianced kiters only, larger swells, on shore winds keep you on your toes.High season wind direction: Cross onshore (more onshore than cross).

Suoi Nuoc

The next bay over from Malibu, similar conditions but the wind is 99% on shore. Nice swell when it comes, experienced riders are more suited to this due to wind direction but intermediates should be ok here. There is a new beach club resort (Jibes 2) located along this strip, they are more than happy for people to hang out here and kite, but be polite and buy a couple of drinks.

Twan 1.jpg
Turtle Island

The furthest location in Mui Ne to go kiting, although this spot is called turtle island you are actually kiting from the mainland with the island being about 200m out. This is an interesting location, normally the spot is empty of other kiters, winds can be acceptable and can blow cross shore and on shore as the bay area curves around very sharply in this spot. Can get a swell if the conditions are right but more importantly there is a nice litle flat water area that is shelterd by the land, nice water but wind can be a little gusty when its passing over the land. High season wind direction: Cross onshore, straight onshore.

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